Craft Crawl at Stowford Manor Farm – final activity

Our final activity of our stimulating and enjoyable day was a group making session over tea and cake at the Stowford Manor Farm cream tea outlet. They produce their own cream and milk from their herd of jersey cows, several people saw fit to try this out. We made more pompoms and knitted with Alison Harper’s crisp packet yarn. You can here sounds of our making and conversation on the Tweave map. Here are some pictures showing our activity:

Hazel Plowman, Annie Beardsley and Alison Harper in conversation and making

Annie Beardsley knitting with crisp packet yarn

Myself recording the sounds of Alison Harper knitting

Alison Harper guiding the making of pompoms

The exciting final stage of making a pompom created by Hazel

Annie untangling the crisp packet yarn to use in her knitting.

A little token left behind by the group

A big thank you to Simon Neaves for taking all the photographs of the Craft Crawl activities that are featured in these blog posts.

Craft Crawler



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