Craft Crawl Fun – what we got up to… update

This update has been a while to arrive I know. As well as being out and about making new recordings, I have been busy editing and uploading the rich sounds recorded on our Tweave Group Craft Crawl, you can browse through them all using the Tweave map.

In my last post I shared some images of the group making at The Glove Factory Studios in Holt, Wiltshire. Whilst at the Glove Factory Studios we visited and recorded photographer Claire Newman Williams. Claire kindly shared with us the sounds of various shutter speeds of many different kinds of cameras. Claire told us that when she was younger she would try and guess the shutter speeds by ‘playing’ them with her eyes closed. Here are a few photos of us recording in her studio:

Recording the shutter speed sounds of a Hasselblad camera

Claire setting up her 1880's camera

Claire telling us about her 1880's camera

Claire setting off the shutter of her 1880's camera1940's speed graphic camera


Setting shutter speed for the 1940's speed graphic camera

Form more information about Claire’s work visit:

Craft Crawler


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