Group Craft Crawl at Stowford Manor Farm – Guy Thomas’s studio

During our time at Stowford Manor Farm we visited sculptor Guy Thomas allowed us to record sounds of him welding, grinding, heating and hammering his steel sculptures. The sounds here where much louder and more dramatic with more of an industrial feel than those we had encountered in our previous visits to glass artist Katrina Beattie and carver Keith Newstead.

You can hear the sounds we recorded in Guy’s studio on the Tweave sound map. Here are some images and a stopframe animation showing Guy at work during our visit:

Guy Thomas welding

Guy grinding

Guy grinding

Guy heating a steel rod

Guy plunging heated steel into water

Click on the below link to see a short animation of Guy hammering hot metal:

Guy Thomas hammering heated steel – stop frame animation

You can find out more about Guy Thomas and his work by visiting his website:

Craft Crawler








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