Group Craft Crawl at Stowford Manor Farm – Keith Newstead’s studio

After visiting Katrina Beattie in her studio we popped next door to visit Keith Newstead. Keith had a tiny studio full of objects of curiosity. The floor was fully coated with a thick cushion of wood chippings, we joked that Keith would at some point find his head touching the ceiling as he carved more. Keith pointed out that it would be good insulation for the winter months!

Keith was in the process of making a Wabi Sabi bowl to hold wine. Keith’s chipping at the wood had a rhythmic sound which seemed to effect the quality of his breathing as he settled into the making, you can listen to the rhythm of Keith’s carving on the Tweave sound map. Here are some images from Keith’s studio visit:

Keith showing us the bowl that he is working on

Keith explaining the design, process and concept involved in the making of his bowl

The bowl shown with the ladle that will be used to serve the wine

Craft Crawl group squeezing into Keith's studio to see his work

Keith carving

Keith carving

Alison Harper showing Craft Crawl group some crochet techniques whilst sitting outside Katrina's and Keith's workshops

Alison Harper demonstrating some crochet techniques

Alison Harper demonstrating some crochet techniques

More images from the Group Craft Crawl to come in future posts.

Craft crawler


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